Surface and Strategies


Week 1 – Strategies of Looking

A little stunned that module 4 is upon us already, that being said I am also raring to go following my catch up submission for the informing contexts module. Sadly, due to the catch up work I was unable to check out the module break task looking at the 26 gasoline stations work of Ed Rusha. This was a little disappointing, however I did consider the idea of 26 music venues, a look at the diversity of locations for live music within our community. This is something I hope to revisit later in my CRJ.

This weeks content was looking at different ideas around repeat photography, the re-visiting and re-photographing of a scene after a passage of time. I found this idea very interesting, particularly in consideration of the live music venue. So many venues now have been abandoned or demolished locally so the re-visiting of the scene would hold quite a contrast to the original images. It would then be interesting to continue the project at a later date, documenting if these spaces are developed or revamped or of their state of deterioration. My fear with this, is that it would just become a photographic documentation of the decline of the live music industry rather than a positive representation of its thriving community, the intent of my research project.