The Photographers Apprentice

Following the webinar we had on the 22nd August with our new module tutor Anna I have been working on ideas and researching in anticipation for the next module Sustainable Prospects.

During the webinar Anna set us the task to work with an established photographer during our module break. This was perfect timing having already organised a stint as a second photographer for some weddings with Richard Moore Photography just some days earlier.

Having had a hiatus from my work as a photographer my original motivation behind this was to gain more current experience as a commercial photographer.

Despite working in this field before I always find there are new techniques to to learn. As one can become comfortable and somewhat complacent within employment it is always good to stretch, challenge and work on tasks outside of ones comfort zone.

Although I do enjoy photographing at weddings I always find myself extremely nervous on the run up to the event. As it has been some time since I took on a task like this I was definitely feeling the pressure this time. I was tasked with undertaking the shoots at two groom preparations and the vehicles, back shots at the church and then detail shots at the venue alongside some relaxed guest shots and documentary of the day.

Richard has a very broad range of experience as a photographer, making him a prime mentor for upcoming photographers. I really enjoy working with Richard. I really like his style as a photographer and I admire his professionalism and character as a businessman. He has a great rapport with his clients and always goes the extra mile to ensure all attendants a the wedding are given the very best service.

His approach when organising and putting together shots was great to watch. I have certainly learnt from this at every wedding I have shot with him. Due to modern family living each wedding set up is different but you can see that he always plans his shots prior to the day and how he will organise each group in the location from his experiences. The way he commands the crowd when  organising people is something I have learnt from him and tried to build on as a photographer myself. It is now something I also look for as a guest at weddings as I have noticed that a photographers character can make or break a shoot if situations are not handled in the right manner.

After discussion with Richard after the shoots I realised I would like to learn more about the post production stages of wedding photography and how he processes his images and puts together his albums and contact sheets for his clients. He has generously agreed to let me have a workshop in his editing office to learn more. This is something I look forward to during the surface and strategies module.

I would be more than happy if I could myself establish a successful commercial photography business as Richard has. Although my current practice lends me more to the photography of music and art the skill-set is still relevant. I definitely feel the skills and knowledge I have acquired working alongside Richard  will assist me with my upcoming shoots and have given me more confidence in my ability as a photographer.


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